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The "October Fifth " brand was born in a 100-year-old street in Macau - the fifth day of October, also known as Mengmeng Street. In the past, Mengmeng Street was adjacent to the Inner Harbor Terminal. It was full of cars and teahouses, and the cakes were fragrant, carrying the memory of generations of Macao people.

  On October 5, 1905, the Portuguese revolutionary uprising succeeded, overthrowing the monarchy and establishing the republic. To commemorate this day, Macao, the Portuguese colony, named the most prosperous Mengmeng Street at that time as “October 5th Street”. Since then, “October 5th Street” has become synonymous with traditional Macao cuisine.

The "October 5th" brand inherits the authentic traditional Macao style, and combines the classic Portuguese food flavors. The combination of Chinese and Western styles, blending ancient and modern, has become the "exotic" of the food industry! The "October 5th" brand logo is like the cake food in the tasting. It is a sweet and crisp feeling. It is more like a moon and a deliberate or lacking. It makes people deeply understand the moon's gloom and gloom, which means that the moon is brought out. Two reunions, the warmth of a thousand miles!

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