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About EarcLink

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EarcLink was founded in Shenzhen, Hong Kong-owned technology company, we have developed siting products to help enterprises easily build a website designer and marketing platform. Jianzhan products such as ESPCMS convenient and powerful features, hence the name, many users, the industry established a good reputation and a strong number of users. 

Our first product was introduced in 2002, but early in this two years ago, our story begins. 

EarcLink founder of the beginning of not doing software development, our interest focused on the research fields related to electronic commerce (the use of eye tracking analysis of user behavior and interests). As found in many sites, regardless of the surface beautifully designed, or who had poor website design, EarcLink found one of the most basic features of these sites: just do not have the interactive e-commerce, communication, and scalability is also very poor. As long as business needs changed, the site must start again, which wasted a lot of business time, money and the accumulation of limited client resources. Thus, we see an opportunity to change this situation, EarcLink began Build your platform areas of research and development, have developed a ESPCMS Build your software, KUBCMS Jianzhan portal software and related cloud platform. As time goes by and business growth, more and more customers closer to us and use our products. 

Like with most open source software, EarcLink in the development stage of the most rapidly and experienced intellectual property protection issues, on the one hand a large number of users grow, the other hand, these users did not take the initiative to EarcLink pay the appropriate software licensing fees, or development for the EarcLink bring much contribution, which resulted in EarcLink facing the development of a large problem. Later EarcLink adjusted low-cost software strategy by providing integrated marketing solutions to enterprises, strengthen intellectual property protection, siting and professional marketing company to promote cooperation package, to provide professional consulting services, software and other methods, and finally making EarcLink development maintained and stable development. 

EarcLink early design of the software product has some less than satisfactory, but by a large number of users of recommendations and practical testing, we continuously improve our software products.Today, more than 100,000 websites every day for use of our website marketing software to collect customer information, trade products, answer customer questions, and so on ... 
Although we still keep adding more features and continuously improve the product experience, but have not reached our goal: to create the best and most useful Internet Jianzhan platform.

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