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"October Fifth " continues the century-old antiquity, the ancient method of barrel charcoal baking and baking process, inheriting the masterpiece of Macao cake making, the taste is passed down, and the original taste is sought. At the same time, since the brand was founded, we have regarded product quality and food safety as the company's first line of defense, and promised to ensure product quality and safety. From the modern standard factory of international standards to the rigorous international quality management system, from cutting-edge quality testing equipment to professional technical talents, every detail is our concern. Food is food to safety first. In recent years, food safety accidents have occurred frequently. The term “food safety” has entered the field of vision of ordinary people. It has also attracted the attention of all sectors of society. Talking about “food” has become a topic of tea after meals. For food safety, we always insist on meticulous care. spirit.

1 Quality supervision begins with raw materials

At the cost of purchasing the top raw materials, reduce the pollution of raw materials, and at the same time, check all the materials used in the production process to ensure that the food is safe, reliable and delicious.

2 adhere to good operating practices

Every detail of baked goods is treated with every step of the internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) specification and standard hygienic procedures.

3 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

An independent, state-certified quality inspection control center uses an internationally recognized hazard analysis and critical control point system (HACCP) to ensure food safety. This is based on prevention and science-based systems that identify, assess and control hazards and are important for food safety. It also covers the entire food production process from raw materials to product output to consumption.

The above rigorous operating system not only increases the cost of the enterprise, but also increases the pressure on the company's talent reserve, professional training, and responsibility supervision. However, it is precisely because we meticulously treat every link that we can experience the market competition. Reshuffle and inspection time after time, but also because of our persistent pursuit of winning market share and consumer trust.

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