Utilizing Advertising as an Investment

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Investments come in all shapes and sizes. Most often we thing of investments as an account we put in, stocks, or some other type of retirement account. Most people don’t think of advertising as an investment, but it really can get you a great return on investment (ROI) if you know what you’re doing and do it well. tech2 The investing blog on Luminance gives many tips for more unconventional investments, like how to invest in Gold, gold IRA rollovers, or how to do a 72t distribution. However, those are still more routine ways of protecting your investments and funds. Continue reading

Using Online Marketing to Market Your Campus

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A business is a business. Many schools and campuses have turned to running online campaigns for leads and new students.

Of course, this isn’t surprising since there is so much potential online, and massive potential for profits for the schools that offer online, on-campus and night classes. Potential students are all searching for more information, and your college can be the one to persuade them to attend.

Let’s say you’re a local dental assistant college that has information online about salaries, like this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1clTkfQObgZenKudW6eVzeNZuzWgikbXYIReT6YHygKU/edit - see how that document suggests getting started with classes today? They’re running a local lead generation campaign, to attract students.

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Regulations for Advertising Health Product Online

Looking into marketing a health company or health products? Congrats, it’s a very profitable market to be in. However, you do need to read up on some rules for marketing your product online, especially when it comes to the FDA who is quite strict on product claims.


If you have a yacon syrup supplement, do your best not to claim that it cures or does anything super specific. When you start making really bold claims, many times this can get you in trouble (and no one wants to be dealing with a lawsuit or complaints once you start your supplement business).

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The Progression of Online Video Advertising

While online video seems quite simple, a play button, a pause button, and so forth, the real technology behind it is actually very complex and took a number of years to really get in full swing. If you think back, YouTube, online video and Arizona SEO wasn’t always as popular as it is today.

Phoenix SEO Expert, Bradley Barks (featured on YouTube’s video platform).

If we jump back to 2004-2005, YouTube was still a relatively young company, with plenty of growth but nothing like we see now over a decade later. The technology behind video has really caught up as well, HTML5, HD video clarity and many other enhancements have arrived in style.

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How SEO Works

If you’re looking to grow your already established business, SEO is a phenomenal way to do so. There are many experts out there that can rank your website up in Bing and keep it there for long periods.


The best way to go about hiring someone is by looking in your local area. For example, if you’re in Arizona, start by checking around the big cities. Using keywords like SEO Consultant in Phoenix, AZ or Phoenix SEO Expert would be two great options to help you start your search.

From there, it’s important to send someone an email or give them a call. Make sure to do your due diligence and get to know them, check their work, maybe even have them do a smaller project for you before you get to the bigger stuff.

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